Makeup Looks to Master

Since we're back outside it's time to give the girls a LOOK! Let's all get in formation and get these makeup looks ready for these lit summer parties. Now is the perfect time to try these 3 fabulous makeup looks. Hopefully you'll have them master by time summer starts. So you'll be out ready to slay the Winx way ;)

 Smokey eye

You might already have this one down pat, but in case you don’t, get to blending! This classic eye look will come in clutch more times than you realize. It goes every look and when you top it off with the flirty "High Maintenance" lash, you can keep it on the softer side. Try it with the bolder "Virgo" for a more dramatic, evening look.


Cut Crease 

Cut crease is a really cool look! Equal parts optical illusion and beauty trend,  The symmetry of this look is so intriguing and can be wildly mysterious also while adding shape and definition. Our "Midnight Hour" Eyeshadow Palette has a number of shade combinations to keep this new go to fresh and exciting. A cut crease will look great with lashes like "Money Mami or Hot Girl".



You’re gonna be indoors most of the season so now is THE TIME to practice your Euphoria inspired makeup. Maddy style sequins, Jules colorful liners, Rue’s glitter tears, and Kat’s confidence inducing bold looks. Pick your favorite character and embody her. You know season 3 is around the corner and you’ll want to be ready when the culture comes back. Channel your inner Maddy using our "Pop Couture" Eyeshadow Palette. 

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