Meet  EBONY RICE, CEO & Founder of Winx Collection by E.

Ebony Rice, a seasoned entrepreneur with a knack for spotting opportunities and turning them into successful ventures. With a background in business and a passion for television hosting, Ebony had always dreamed of gracing the screens as a charismatic host. However, when the pandemic hit, casting uncertainty on the entertainment industry, Ebony decided to pivot and pursue another passion: beauty.

Driven by a deep love for everything beauty-related, Ebony embarked on a new journey, determined to create a brand that celebrates and enhances natural beauty rather than masking it. Drawing on entrepreneurial skills and a keen eye for innovation, Ebony launched a beauty brand that focuses on creating products that empower individuals to feel confident and beautiful in their own skin.

With a commitment to quality, sustainability, and inclusivity, Ebony's brand has quickly gained recognition in the beauty industry, resonating with consumers who crave authenticity, luxury and efficacy in their beauty routines. Through this endeavor, Ebony not only found a new path but also discovered a fulfilling way to combine passion with purpose, leaving a positive impact on the beauty world and beyond.



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